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Stephen Fose, PT, DPT, Cert. MDT

Along with providing direct patient care, Stephen thought there must be a faster way than treating people for the same problems year after year, especially since employees spending 40+ hours a week doing similar jobs suffer from similar pain and injury.

Stephens passion to build healthier communities & reduce healthcare costs led to a mentorship with Dr. Lauren Hebert, industry leader in workplace injury prevention since the 1980's.

Stephens training has been performed in over 700 workplaces around Western NY and the United States, reducing costs of workplace injuries, claims, and costs by 70% all while improving employee satisfaction & productivity.

80% of occupational claims are musculoskeletal. With deductible health plans continuing to squeeze profits, employers are wasting money on health plans their employees can't even afford to use. Let us help your employees, management, & your business with injuries, claims, and costs.

Workplace Evaluation

I come to the workplace (inside or outside, big or small). The evaluation assesses the history of claims, trends, past & current pain problems. We uncover the opportunities through watching, listening, analyzing movement strategies, job/task demands for each department/shift. You will be provided with an extensive report with the solutions within 1 week.

Onsite Training

This is the lifeblood of the program. This seminar is for you and your employees to acquire the education, motivation, and skills to become the experts without compromising productivity. This is the essential piece of the program, and is why in-house attempts fail, and why "ergonomics" and "stretching programs" don't work.

New Employee Onboarding

This is for onboarding of new employees to catch them up to speed of current employees, and to prepare them for their new career demands. This is typically done quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.

OSHA First Aid Visits

We'll offload your safety team and your HR staff to let them do their jobs while we take care of the employees We'll review the workplace injury prevention program with employees on a case by case basis. These are large opportunities after a prevention program is in place to save money on mishandled events.

Why Should My Business Do A WIPP?

Low Back Pain ALONE costs employers $300+/year/employee in direct and indirect costs.

That's $15,000 per year on low back pain alone with 50 employees.

With each workers compensation claim in NY averaging $40,000,

you can't afford NOT to have a workplace injury prevention program.

If you're ready to save money while taking care of your employees and increase production, let's start.