Adult & Pediatric Pelvic Floor Therapy


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Megan Fose, Retrieve Pelvic Floor Therapist Rochester NY

Megan Fose, OTR/L

Originally from Long Island, Megan Fose, OTR/L obtained a combined Bachelors & Masters Degree in Occupational Therapy from the University at Buffalo in 2012 before inevitably having a major shift.

After the traumatic emergency c-section birth of her first daughter, she was shocked by the lack of care for postpartum women, and decided to act. Megan obtained advanced training through the Herman & Wallace Pelvic Rehab Institute, as the Institute for Birth Healing (IBH).

These training programs involve treatment of adult pelvic pain, bowel & bladder dysfunction, pregnancy & postpartum care, & sexual dysfunction. Megan is also trained in pediatric pelvic floor therapy.

Megan had a successful VBAC birth of her second child. She's experienced first hand the amount of physical, emotional, and environmental support needed throughout all birth experiences and is passionate to serve her community.

Initial Evaluation

History/interview, bladder/bowel history, pregnancy and gynecological history, postural and movement testing, palpation, internal pelvic exam. We also establish the plan of care as well as appropriate hands-on manual techniques and initial home exercise program to reduce your symptoms fast and to achieve your goals.

Follow Up

Progression of home exercise program. This also includes additional goal-oriented exercises, hands-on tissue work and joint mobilizations, pain relief progression, and required education on your condition.

Why Choose Retrieve?

It's Very Simple: QUALITY

We recognize that adults and children learn and processes information differently

Especially children who learn heavily through sensory feedback & play.

At Retrieve, Megan uses the necessary sensory, visual, auditory, & hands-on teaching methods unique to you and your needs.

With sensory integration at the foundation of occupational therapy compared to physical therapy, 24/7 access via text, and office/at-home/virtual appointment options, there is no other therapist you'd want on your team.